Somewhat Brief Intro:
Originally, my e4ecard website was set to be published (Active) this summer with several e-cards available. Then, I had this great idea for Valentine’s Day. So, what did I do, you ask? I put those projects on hold and rushed to get my site up and running before February 7th.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is February 14th, which doesn’t give my “great” idea a whole lot of exposure (7 days to be exact), but I figured that the world (NO, the Universe!) could use just a little more love in it. So I present to the world (and the Universe) my “I Love You” Valentine’s Day e-card. Click [here] to view.

Why am I sharing all of this, you ask? (You sure do ask a lot of questions, that’s good!) So you’ll keep in mind that e4ecard is still in the building stages as you navigate throughout the site. But also keep in mind that this website is fully functional! Meaning, you can purchase e-cards now and they will be personalized, then emailed out. Just click [here] or on the E-CARD tab above to view the selections. Yeah, I know! There are only 2 e-cards to choose from at this time, but I am very pleased with those two and more are on the way (Over the next few weeks.)

My Opinion:
Honestly, what makes these e-cards so unique is not just the style of the artwork or the 3D/2D style format, although, that’s key in setting up the scene. But to me, it’s the interaction (movement) of the characters and/or objects within the scene. That’s what really makes e4ecard stand out! Something you can’t get from your standard 2D or 3D pop-up paper cards.

From an artistic standpoint, this electronic format allows me the flexibility to be creative with the movement, to deliver a message inline with the e-card’s theme. (That’s cool to me!)

And speaking of paper, the e-card format uses ZERO trees! So, you’ll have a paperless personalized e-card to view whenever you like. (Or, whenever, whoever likes!)

Final Words:
In closing, I enjoy being able to personalize an e-card to really get a message across! Just provide me with the name of the person you want on the e-card and I’ll do the rest. Within 24 hours, your personalized e-card (mp4 file) will be emailed to you or the designated email address of your choice.

Typically, the recipient of a personalized e-card is pleasantly surprised to see their name appear in the scene, which tends to make the e-card and the occasion that much more special. (Yeah, I’m such an awesome guy!)