Feb 28th – March 6th POST

March 1st – A change of plans! My original thought was to get the Mother’s Day e-card done first, then do the Easter one. (I explained my rationale in last weeks post.) But over the weekend, I worked on the objects for the Easter e-card and now I’m fully engaged in it. I kind of knew that would happen, so I’m not totally surprised.

This Easter e-card will feature animation that I haven’t done yet and should be interestingly cool. Stay tuned!

Feb 20-26th (Post for the Week)

Feb 21st – Just uploaded my 3rd e-card (Get Well Soon – HIM). I began the project on Feb 7th and finished Feb 20th. I could have finished sooner, but I didn’t get the time to work on the project like I had hoped. And of course, once I uploaded it, I noticed a few adjusted that should be made, so I’ll take care of that Feb 22nd. If all goes smoothly, I expect to re-uploading the same day. And let me say this, seldom does “all” go smoothly! We shall see!

Feb 22nd 9:55 PM PDT – I just uploaded the revised Get Well Soon – HIM. Actually, the adjustment went quite smoothly, as I knew it would (Ha! I just wanted the added pressure, that’s all).

Next two projects: Mother’s Day and Easter. And I’m excited about them both! Mother’s Day is May 8th while Easter is April 17. Both e-cards are expected to be ready by the end of March, so stay tuned. The Easter e-card will be a fun one, for sure! (FYI: I know Easter comes before Mother’s Day, but the Mother’s Day e-card will be more complex, requiring more time to do. Thus, it’s on my to-do list first! Method to the madness!)